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Greatness October 1, 2013 05:04

Geometry for Confined Circular Jet
Attachment 25723

Attached is a proposed Geometry for (Fluent simulation) for a turbulent confined circular jet.

Attachment 25723

The jet is actually circular, so I guess the cross-section for both the nozzle & duct should be cylindrical. I used Ansys Workbench for the Geometry building & Meshing, and also changed 3D to 2D from the 'geometry property'. In the course of building the geometry, I had the following problems:

1. I created the nozzle & duct section using cylinders (from 'create - Primitives - Cylinder'), but in the course of taking it into the mesh, it says "No valid 2D bodies". But, when I changed the 'GEOMETRY PROPERTY' to 3D, it accepted it. Please what could be responsible? Is it because of the way the cylinders were created? If that's the reason, how else can we create the geometry such that the nozzle & duct will have circular cross-section?

2. I found it difficult to introduce the 'centerline' & 'tangential separation surface' as named selections which will be seen in the 'Boundary condition section' of the Fluent solver. Please how do I need to introduce this regions for the simulation to see it & work with it?

Thank you.

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