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saisanthoshm88 October 14, 2013 11:30

Turbulence parameters and convergence
I have observed that turbulent parameters played a major role in the convergence of a simulation. Initially when I simulated with the default values of intensity ans viscosity ratio (5 and 10) the convergence is bad and when I switched over to use intensity and hydraulic diameter (= 4A/P) there is an improvement in the convergence.

Could some one please provide a reasoning to this behavior

Far October 14, 2013 12:52

might be it is due to fact that you are giving parameters resembling the real physics in the latter case !!!

But you can manipulate to get the equivalent parameters for all options and you would probably get same convergence behaviour !!!

saisanthoshm88 October 14, 2013 14:41

In many cases it is not possible to have an understanding of the turbulence parameters to be used and how to identify if the convergence problem is due to the turbulence settings

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