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Frukk October 16, 2013 15:49

Walls in the interior which shouldnt be there

it's gonna get a bit tricky here, so if you need more infos just ask :D i try to explain it as good as i can:

So i have a rotor stator problem which i once calculated with fluent to check if the mesh is ok. after that i used that mesh in igg ot cut out some elements from the rotor domain. now i export it to fluent. when i now load the .msh in fluent i get walls in the the whole domain (not just the rotor domain) which are basically the surfaces of the blocking.

so my question is, is there a way to get rid of those inner walls? i can't simply change them to interior.

or is it possible to delete the elements via icem? i mean i can load in the .cas into icem and delete the elements with the edit mesh tab, but then i dont have a shell at the "gap/slit" and get an error when i try to output it in a .msh file. If i use this option how can i create a new shell for this gap?

so either

a) i use icem and create the gap and somehow create a shell for the gap?


b) i stay with my igg created gap, but then i have the problem with inner walls at the blocking borders when transferring the igg model to fluent. So i need a way to get rid of those inner walls.

would be awesome if you have a solution for either of those 2 ways :)


edit: ok we got a solution for the problem :P. so basically we have to use the igg project file to import the geometry and then the boundary conditions come out correct. just importing the cgns doesn't work

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