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ViPeRsCaR October 24, 2013 07:33

solution animation
Dear All,

I am having a seriously frustrating issue with the solution animation function within Fluent. no matter how I set up, every animation I create is just a series of images from time=0.

I have a 3D single precision transient model with multiphase. Phase 1 is air and phase 2 is triglycol. the mesh builds fine and all the udf and boundary conditions set properly. after successfully creating an iso-surface and iso-clip I initialise the model then mark a register to patch as teg volume fraction = 1. I display the mesh to confirm it looks correct then set solution animation as a mesh type sequence and set to every 1 time step.

while it's running, after every timestep it outputs this line of code;

(ani-monitor-update 1 #t #f)()

After some internet research I found out that means its capturing the image from t=0 and I have no idea how to stop it from happening, it's supposed to read a #f instead of #t.

after running the model i refresh the mesh and can see that the model has run perfectly but when I go to load the solution animation I get a continuous stream of the initial mesh image.

I've scoured the tutorials and even this forum site to no avail, please someone help! I'm going mad!

ViPeRsCaR October 24, 2013 08:46

Update - I have managed to create an animation that looks similar to what I want by choosing contour type animation and setting it to capture volume fraction of teg for iso-surface and iso-clip only but it doesn't have quite the resolution and liquid level accuracy I'm after so I'm still looking for a solution to making the mesh type animation work!

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