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Nooster October 24, 2013 10:26

Simply compare different meshes
Hey guys,

I'm simulating a Rayleigh-Benard-Convection experiment using Ansys Workbench and Fluent. For that I've designed a box 400mm x 400mm x 10mm heated from below and cooled from above.

Since I've no experiences with this simulation I'm looking for an easy and simple way to compare the results of this simulation for several meshes (number of elements and nodes). I want to run exactly the same simulation with different meshes to see, what minimum number of elements/nodes I need for further studies on this project.

So here is my question: I want to run exactly the same simulation with fluent for ca. 10 times. The only difference is the mesh. Is there a way to set Fluent only once up for all the calculations without using the duplicate-mode in Workbench?

My wish is to do this how I did it with the geometry in the screenshot below - just the other way around. You see?

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