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WSUairmultiplier October 30, 2013 18:00

Help confirming accuracy of simulation
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I am a student and was wondering if anyone could help in confirming that our results are accurate and usable. Our group is new to the CFD programs, and would just like a second opinion to make sure moving forward in our designing and testing is not completely useless and based off of incorrect data. attached is an image of the velocity contours. the case and data and mesh we used are too big to upload. the numbers at the end of iteration 100001 are
100001 3.7343e-02 5.4284e-04 3.7937e-04 7.3227e-04 6.8157e-04 0:00:00 0

We used the realizable k-epsilon viscous model, with standard wall function. simple scheme, pressure PRESTO!, standard initialization, and residuals of 0.00001.
if any more information is needed please let me know. like i said, we are new to this and need a second pair of eyes to confirm that our results are usable.

thanks for your time

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