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NavierIsStoked November 1, 2013 12:27

Help Selecting Turbulence Model for VOF Problem
I am simulating pressurization of an enclosed cryogenic tank. There is a enclosed volume, with about 1m of LH2 and about 2m of GH2 ullage. I have created a pressurization diffuser with several hundred small inlets.

The goal of this simulation is to determine the resulting temperature distribution of the ullage after a minute of gas flow (the incoming gas is warm).

I am having issues with the standard k-e turbulence model blowing up. Is there another turbulence model that is better suited to this problem?

I am running 2 phase VOF, with the energy equation on, and no mass transfer between phases at this point (at least until i can get a functioning turbulence model). I am also using the pressure based solver, transient obviously.

Thanks for the help.

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