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sanit November 5, 2013 17:00

Multiphase modelling using Fluent VOF
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Hi everyone, I'm trying to simulate the flow around ship and I use multiphase flow VOF in FLUENT for analize this type of problem.

At first I have realized the mesh in Gambit.

My problem is how to set the parameters in Fluent 14.

I did the follow commands but you can see the results in figure....

1) import the gambit mesh
2) set a steady solver
3) set the VOF model - two phases - implicit scheme
4) set the model viscous k-epsilon (2eq)
5) define materials
6) define phases
7) define operating conditions (fig) - gravity - and specified operating density
8) I set the position of the water when the simulation start (adapt region)
9) Solution methods
Pressure-velocity coupling: coupled
coupled with volume fractions
Spatial Descritization
Gradient:Least Squares cell based
Pressure: body force weighted
Momentum: first order upwind
Volume Fraction: first order upwind
10) Initialize solution from all zones

The problem is about the interface how you can see in the figure.

What can I do?? What type of setting is required??

thanks a lot Sanit

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