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MrDaimon November 26, 2013 12:48

Transition flow in a heat pipe
Hi everybody,
I am simulating (using Fluent 12.1) a flux of oil in a heat pipe. Obviously the turbulence of the fluid influences the heat flux generated. I have Reynolds = 1911, which turbulence model is the best to use in this case? Should I use the laminar model? If no, which transition model is the best for my application? I hope I've been clear.
Thank you all!

Zaktatir November 26, 2013 17:40

you have to make a sensitivity analysis between laminar/ and low-Re turbulence model.

I would use low Re turbulence models:

SST with Low-Re correction, or better the transitional ones in Fluent. There other k-epsilon based turbulence models which are low-Re ones (access over TUI)

your yplus hast to be in the viscous sublayer around 1-max 5 expansion in the boundary layer 1.1-1.2

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