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dlugi91 January 5, 2014 13:08

Too high drag force
I designete the drag and lift force for airfoil. I create simulation in 2d, model spalart-allmaras, Re=3000000. Air i treat as ideal gas with constant viscous. setting for turbulence is 1.5% turbulent intensity and 1m turbulent length scale. Mach number for air is 0.141 (from Re number).

Lift force after calculate is corect (5% discrepancies with proper values) but drag force isn't. I try k-e model but that don't change value of drag. I don't know what can i do to fix this.

When i look at forces raport viscous coefficient looks properly but pressure coefficient in my opinion is to high. How can i reduce it?
Or i do something wrong? January 8, 2014 05:47

Dear Dlugi

Are you set "reference value" in fluent?

dlugi91 January 11, 2014 10:35

i dont set reference value becouse i check it and this values are proper.

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