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RealENG22 January 6, 2014 17:54

Film Effectiveness - spanwise averaged
I have been running some simulations on an effusion array (18 rows staggered half holes with symmetry BC's)

Looking to compare the results against a paper I received. All is going well except I am struggling to get some plots of the spanwise averaged values for all 18 rows.

This is an example of the plot I am looking to achieve. (Adiabatic Film Eff against holes in x direction)

There has been a few people asking about this on here with no decent far!

Any help greatly appreciated.

RealENG22 January 7, 2014 18:01

Any thoughts guys?

RealENG22 January 10, 2014 17:02

Il try explain this differently.... as again... This subject gets no support.

If I create some lines in order to plots values and average in excel. Is there any way to create say 100 lines equally spaced along a surface?

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