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Tanjina January 9, 2014 12:51

Modeling of underdrain Perforated pipe
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Hello everyone.

I have modeled a perforated pipe surrounded by gravel . Pipe is full of water and gravel is submerged by water. Since the model was symmetry, I made it using Symmetry BC. ( Please see the attached image). I drew some hole in pipe and assigned the pipe surface as wall (in image 2 blue highlighted). So the hole acts as interior.

I assigned the gravel zone as porous zone and put necessary parameter. What I am worried about that I didn't put any parameter for pipe hole. I read the fluent manual about perforated plate. I thought since the water would see the interior just after passing the pipe wall, it would act as real hole and would calculate the loss and other phenomena automatically . After simulation, I got result with 10-21 error with experimental result. So I assume I did something wrong with pipe hole.

Could anyone please assure me if I have to assign porous jump boundary/any type BC to hole or fluent will understand automatically that its hole and will calculate the entrance and other loss on the hole?

It will be a great help. Thanks in advance.


gfoam April 16, 2015 15:30

Hi, I know it's an old thread but if you coul help me I'll appreciate it very much. I'm about to carry out a similar simulation as you did (or attempted to do) and I'm confused about the boundary condition to set also in the pipe holes. Also I saw in another therad you started that you mentioned a paper which contains experimental results for this experiment, could you please let me know the title of that paper. Because the experimental data I found is about water-pipes with holes but without the porous media interaction. Regards

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