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neprendo February 28, 2014 10:33

ways to output a case file?
Hey Guys,

I have a .msh file with the from Icem with greater than a million volumes but I'm using an academic licence which only runs problems with about half that number. I have access to a high performance computer with a research licence but to make use of it I need to have a .cas file. When I try to open the .msh file in fluent it comes up with an error and I can't write the .cas file from there. I am unsure of what to do from there and any help would be appreciated greatly.


Far March 1, 2014 05:48

what error message you are getting? What is the difference between .msh and .cas file? .cas file = .msh file + boundary conditions + solver setting

neprendo March 4, 2014 10:14

The error message said the number of elements was too big for the licence I was using. I have since been able to sort out the problem though. I did it by using workbench as an intermediate step where I was able to adjust the licence settings and now I can open the the .msh file in fluent and export a .cas file after putting in the BCs and solver etc.
Thanks for your help.


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