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shaohua April 10, 2014 12:03

wind turbine simulation inside the wind tunnel
Hi, I just want to do the simulation by putting a wind turbine inside a wind tunnel. I have the inlet velocity from wind tunnel and also can measure the angular velocity of wind turbine blades when they are rotating. The problem is after I generate the mesh, how to do the set up? I set the inlet velocity, pressure outlet, the four faces as the wall. But how to set the boundary condition of blades, make them rotating?

st_hoerner April 10, 2014 14:51

hello shaohua,

you'll need a sliding mesh case. Means a static mesh and rotating one which are connected by an interface. You should look for a sliding mesh tutorial to understand the idea of it and how to make a setup.

yours stefan

st_hoerner April 11, 2014 05:30


here you'll find an example:

yours stefan

shaohua April 11, 2014 13:24

Thank you very much, stefan. I am working on it now. Hopefully I can ask you later if I have any further question.

brunoc April 11, 2014 17:01

A sliding mesh is only needed if your mesh is moving, which it doesn't have to be. For rotating components you can just set a frame motion for the rotor region, which is what the part 1 from that PDF is talking about.

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