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crustaccione April 13, 2014 16:48

Ideal gas errors using density-based solver
I didn't get an answer for my previous thread, but I do have one question regarding ideal gas equations. My tank that I am simulating is being pressurized to 1000 psi for initial conditions, and then released into the atmosphere through a hose.

I am using the density-based solver. Problem is, the solution does not converge when I set the properties to ideal gas. It works when I set it to constant density of 1.225 kg/m3, but that is obviously not physically correct. There is also a large temperature fluctuation and Fluent gives warnings.

Is there any way to correct this?

WJXu April 13, 2014 17:04

Similar problem encountered. Mine problem is burner with pressure 5psig and expand to sonic through a converging nozzle. I also did use constant-density for my calculation, which is not correct. I think ideal gas must be used, then the mass flow rate cannot balance. Help us。。。。

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