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sunggun1212 July 8, 2014 21:18

Water Surface Evaporation

I am trying to simulation for water surface evaporation.
For this simulation in fluent in ANSYS 15, I set the materials, water, vapour, and air.

After I checked the evaporation tutorial in fluent, I set my 2D model.
Additionally, for constant height of water, I used VOF model, Open Channel Flow and Open Channel Wave BC.

Water inlet velocity = 1.2 m/s
Air inlet velocity = 5 m/s

Water Height = 5 m
The Length of model = 20 m

Water Temperature = 310.15 K
Air Temperature = 304.75 K
Water Evaporation Temperature = 302.75 K

I checked the water - vapour mass interaction, evaporation-condensation model.
The result was all water was evaporated by water evaporation temperature.
However, I want to simulate the only evaporation of water surface.

Perhaps, you guys have tried this similar simulation for surface evaporation ?
If yes, please tell me how to simulate it.

Also, how can I create UDF file for evaporation model at specific static pressure.

user321 January 10, 2020 23:33

Hi sunggun, could you find a way to perform surface evaporation below saturation temperature? I am also stuck in a similar situation and would be grateful if you can shed some light into it.

sunggun1212 January 11, 2020 03:50

No way
I can not find the way.

user321 January 11, 2020 04:12

"For vaporization which is evaporation below saturation temperature you require the presence of other component and the mass transfer is concentration or partial pressure driven." This is what I found from Ansys students community discussion.

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