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malicemethods May 27, 2015 11:51

3D Pipe Flow Problem: Velocity profile is not symmetric
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Hello, I am modeling a concentric pipe flow problem. The geometry is simply two concentric pipes. Looking at the left side view, the face of the outer pipe end has a mass flow in boundary condition specified and the area of the inner pipe is the outlet tube, and has an outflow specified. I have used inflation on all the walls, with 15 layers, for a Y+value of 5, specifying the first layer height. I am getting issues with finer meshes where the velocity contour plot shows the velocity profile is not axis symmertric about the centerline axis the way it should be. The solution does not converge even after 1000 iterations. I suspect that it is due to different cell sizes, but shouldn't the problem exist for coarser meshes? Instead the problem persists even with finer meshing. What could be the problem? Should I increase the number of inflation layers? Screen shots attached. Thank You.

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