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QBeast June 26, 2015 14:17

Fluent rp var to modify rotation speed of a boundary
Dear forum users,

I'm working on a rotating geometry in ansys fluent , under the section:
Define/Boundary condition/Wall --> set to moving wall with rotational mode checked
this gives access to a constant rotation speed.

the goal is to achieve variable rotation speed:
1/ Decomposing the rotation speed into a Vx and Vy components varying with time

2/ use the specefic rp-var (if possible) that can access and modify the rotation speed value, and pass the desired value to the solver.

it would be very helpful to me to know what rp-var manipulātes the rotation speed of a moving wall.
and definitely the rp-vars for the rotation axis orientation coordinates would be helpful too

here is the panel:

thanks in advance

QBeast July 11, 2015 00:10

Could someone please possibly point out the rp-var associated with rotation speed (rad/s) ? thanks again

QBeast August 12, 2015 16:58

Problem solved. thanks anyway

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