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tsi07 June 13, 2017 19:39

Partially premixed combustion, chemkin
Hi everyone

I try to make a partially premixed combustion in a swirl flow for a compressible kerosene-air mixture.

In fluent under "species model" I chose Partially Premixed Combustion with C Equation and compressiblity effects.
For the chemistry, I want to use the "flamelet Generated Manifold". Hence I have to give a Chemkin mechanism. I use the default thermodyanmic data "thermo.db".
I wrote a file for the chemkin mechanism where there is just the main reaction.

Chemkin file:
O2 H2O CO2 C12H23
C12H23 + 17.75O2 = 12CO2 + 11.5H2O 2.587e+09 0.0 1.257e+05

After I imported it, I go to the flamelet tab and try to calculate flamelets but I have an error message:

Error: received a fatal signal (Segmentation fault).

I do not understand why.

Also, the flamelet mixture is incompressible and I cannot change that.

Is anyone can help me?


tsi07 June 14, 2017 13:58

Error message when I calculate flamelets
OK, I changed my Chemkin mechanism (.inp file) and I do not have error when I upload it in the chemistry tab under "Import CHEMKIN Mechanism...".

But after I set the "Boundary" tab and go to "Flamelet" I obtain this error message when I hit the button "Calculate Flamelets" :
Generating flamelet 2 at mixture fraction 0.0132144 and scalar dissipation 201.586 /s

Time (s) Temp (K) Residual

Error: CVODE unsuccessful: flag = -4

Error: CVODE unsuccessful: flag = -4\n
Error Object: #f
Is anyone knows what does that mean? :confused:

Weiqiang Liu March 22, 2018 23:10

I met the same error 'received a fatal signal (segmentation fault )'. have you solved this problem. if you do, please let me know how you did it.


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