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MJ2017 October 14, 2017 08:11

Building problems with cell zones when reopening Fluent

I am new to the CFD Software Ansys. At the moment I am experiencing some issues with Ansys Workbench, especially with Fluent. My Model consists out of three different zones. For these zones I create Volumes in the Mesh Modul. After creating the Mesh and the Named Selections, I transfer the Mesh information into the Fluent Modul. Fluent identifies those volumes as cell zones. Everyhting seems fine so far… I start setting up the simulation (Interfaces, Frame Motion, UDF, etc.). Everything seems fine… I start the calculation. Everything seems fine… After 35.000 iterations I want to check some interim results. I save the project in Fluent and close Fluent. I transfer Fluent to CFD-Post and can see the results. The results look like expected. So I close CFD-Post and reopen Fluent to continue the calculation. BUT after reopening Fluent the settings for the cell zones are gone. Even the names of the cell zonse are not correct anymore. It seems that Fluent cannot find those Volumes that I defined in the Mesh-Modul. Without the settings and the correct names I cannot continue the simulation. The strange thing is that sometimes all cell zones were not identified, sometimes fluent cannot identify just two cell zones. The third one is fine.
I have no clue to solve this problem. I did not change anything in the Mesh-Modul. If you need more details to understand my problem or more informations to the framwork of the simulation, please let me know.

Best regards

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