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Kaskade October 29, 2017 04:10

Fluent and Fieldview - 3D-accelerated VNC
This question is not limited to Fluent but applies to working remotely in general. But since I didn't find an appropriate board and do most of my simulations in Fluent, I hope someone here can give me an answer.

We are looking into getting a head node and a couple of compute nodes. The head node will be running SLES 12 and will be equipped with a Quadro P1000 or P4000.

I would like to access the head node via 3D-accelerated VNC. The system vendor offered to set it up.

So my question: Is this type of remote connection fast enough (regarding response time) to do actual postprocessing? We will be using Fluent, Fluent PrepPost and Fieldview. Our workstations will be connected to the head node via 1-Gbit-Ethernet.

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