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tricha122 February 15, 2018 14:38

calculating first layer wall thickness

I am trying to calculate y* during the fluent solution within a UDF. From what I can tell from the available cell / face variables, I can retrieve the turbulent kinetic energy (Kp), and then using this and the cell center height (Yp) I can calculate y*.

turbulent kinetic energy can be retrieved with F_K(f,tf)

How can I retrieve the height of the cell adjacent to the wall? certainly this has to be available as it uses it to evaluate the wall function

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


LuckyTran February 15, 2018 14:57

What version of Fluent are you using????? Depending on the version you might be able to use:


Check out this thread:

tricha122 February 15, 2018 15:09

I am using Fluent 18.2

is there documentation for C_WALL_DIST?

otherwise I guess I could get the centroid of the face, centroid of the cell, and get the length of the vector between them

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