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zorkwan July 8, 2018 13:24

Wind Turbine simulation with air (6DOF)
First of all, I dont have any idea about how Ansys works, I'am a beginner.
As the tittle says, is there any way to make a wind turbine rotate with the force off the wind?
I made a prototype in Solid Works and I want to see if the blades I designed works. I searched on google on how to use Ansys fluent but no luck from there, Its to complicated for me.There is only one video on Youtube that explains how to use it and make it work but its on a 2D scale,mine is 3D.

Is there anyone who could help me with that?
If there is someone who could help me ,I can upload the Files that is needed

Thank You!

mahdihasan July 11, 2018 00:54

Have you done the 2D case? For 3D, I believe that you may need to use UDF. In the video, no UDF has been used and it was a simple simulation. If you have any question regarding the 2D case described in the video, I can help you with that. I am not sure about the UDF thing, but otherwise, if you have any specific question for the 3D case, you can share that. Apart from the 6DOF UDF, 2D and 3D are similar kinds.

GregCFD July 11, 2018 04:24

I've only tested models quickly but I have got something to work using the inbuilt 6DOF solver for 1D rotation (ie no UDF) in 3D. I will say that one difference from the video is that you can just use the rotating/sliding mesh method inbuilt to fluent, while it introduces an interface I've found it to be generally a more robust method compared to the dynamic mesh.

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