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u2berggeist August 26, 2018 20:45

Animation Sweep Plane not displaying correctly
So I have many complaints and frustrations over Fluent animation at the moment, but this is the most infuriating.

I'm simply trying to get a sweep animation of a contour going through my domain. It runs the animation fine, except for the fact that it leaves the centerline contour visible the entire time. I haven't figured out a way to make this go away. It blocks literally half the animation from being visible and makes the second half of the animation useless as I can't tell if the contours I'm seeing are from the sweep or the centerline contour that won't go away.

This on top of not being able to save animations that weren't setup before the simulation was run (you know, the post in post-processing) makes me question why they even bothered to have the feature in the first place.

Edit: I should also mention that I get an error every time I open the "Properties" menu of the contour in the "Sweep Animation" dialog box. Something along the lines of "This surface ID doesn't exist". This despite the fact that A) it does exist and B) it literally just used that surface to make an animation.

u2berggeist August 26, 2018 20:51

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Attached is a screenshot of the issue. You can see a box of blue in front of the larger (and more colorful) contour. The colorful contour is the centerline contour that won't go away, the "blue box" contour is the actual sweep contour.

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