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dka14 September 24, 2018 09:20

Hello everyone,

I am running an unsteady DPM model in ANSYS and everything was going great until recently i got the following msg:

WARNING: 0.0002% of the total discrete phase mass were behind in time by, on mass-weighted average, 0.000481 s, which is 0.0382% of their total age or 96.2593% of the last time step

It is reallyyyy slowing down my simulations. One day to do just 20 iterations

I set the fluid flow time step the same as the particle time step which is 0.0005 seconds.
Max number of time steps = 10^9
Max number of continuous phase iterations per DPM iterations = 1000
step length factor = 0.001
iterations per time step = 300

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