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nived December 2, 2018 12:38

Problem with rotating cylinder natural convection
Iam modelling a flow over a rotating cylinder. Iam not getting the results. The fluid domain is rectangular. Fluid is air. Density is modelled as incompressible ideal gas.
g= -9.81
Inlet at bottom of domain: pressure inlet
Outlet at top of domain: pressure outlet
Side walls as adiabatic walls
Cylinder as wall.
Grashof no= 1.56*10^6
Operating temperature =298.16
Operating density=1.184

If anything is wrong , somebody please correct me...

LuckyTran December 2, 2018 19:13

What about the thermal boundary condition on the cylinder wall? And what does it mean not getting results?

nived December 2, 2018 22:51

Heat flux of 800W/m2 is given at cylinder wall.

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