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henriquecar May 16, 2019 13:06

Design points using UDF and time variable outputs
Hello guys,

I am running a transient simulation on a eel whose movement and dynamic mesh is done via UDF. My run time is one period of the wave, after which it just starts over.
As I have many parameters I would like to test out, I thought about using the design points feature to vary the parameters and let it run for days without having to manually do each simulation with a specific combination of parameters.

I have not been able to do this and I have some questions regarding the design points feature that I hope you can shed some light in.
  1. Is it possible to use design points feature with an UDF?
  1. How does the output of design points work when using transient simulation and your desired output varies with time? As far as I know it gives a constant value for each DP.
  1. If this design feature can't be used/is not the best strategy to my problem, what do you recommend?

Thank you in advance and have a great day!

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