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jhs May 27, 2019 11:37

Dynamic Mesh Adaption Case/Data
I want a result like shown here:

My approach would be using dynamic mesh adaption in a transient setting.

Problem is; if the mesh changes fluent creates a new case file, resulting in tons of case files in the end for which I havent found a solution to work with in CFD-Post.

Is my approach at all valid? If yes can anybody help out? If not what would be the alternative?

Thanks Julius

RaiderDoctor May 27, 2019 14:37

Hi jhs, welcome to the forum.

So, a couple of things:

It's great that you want others to critique your approach, but you haven't really given one here. You just say that you want to use dynamic meshing (which could honestly be another forum all on its own) without detailing how you plan on using it. Listing some settings would be beneficial for us to really think through your problem.

I'm not quite sure why generating tons of case files seems is a bad thing. When using either the steady-state or transient solver will result in the creation of multiple case and data files. In the instance of the former, it is to monitor how your solution iterates over time, and for the latter how your simulation changes during each time step. This can result in the creation of a lot of case and data files. However, Fluent allows you to specify the interval in which these files are saved. Check under "Calculation Activities".

Finally, loading these files into CFD Post is very simple, as it was made specifically for that. Just load them in select "Load all file history" or something to that effect, and it will do it automatically.

Good luck!

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