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aring July 24, 2019 06:02

VoF Model: Received signal SIGSEGV (in PEM Fuel Cell)
Hello, I am a graduated student and pretty new to ansys fluent. I am trying to simulate liquid water movement in PEMFC. The error comes when I open VoF model with PEMFC model(one of the addon models)

When I initialize the solution, fluent shows following error after last iteration(of the hybrid initialization):
""Node X: Process XXXX: Received signal SIGSEGV.
*variety of nodes*.....
999999: mpt_accept: error: accept failed: No error....
then fluent is getting closed. Ive looked for it in forum, but still I couldn't solve my problem.
Fluent uses model's default UDFs, I do not use any extra. I generated new mesh,geometry etc. many times which didn't help. It is frustrating.

I hope someone who works/worked on the same topic can help me or give some suggestions.

And, also I get this error rightafter when I open PEMFC model only if VoF model is already opened.
"Error: GENERAL-CAR-CDR: invalid argument [1]: improper list Error Object: #f"

Joao Bomfim August 6, 2019 20:20

I know the topic has a time, but I would like to make some contribution. I had this error when I replaced mesh. A report definition had unchecked where I wanted to calculate a moment, and I was not using any UDF. If you use any UDF, this error is sometimes associated with user-defined memory settings. There are a few topics discussing this.

aring August 24, 2019 03:31

I do not use any UDF, other than that fluent defaultly provide in PEMFC model. These are material properties and electro-chemical reactions. But still, I think you are on the point, and your answer is appreciated.

About my progress on my problem, I am doing some research on "water behaviour & optimization in PEMFC" and what I found is that there are not many articles of using a "FULL" model includes both VoF and Electrochemistrical properties. There are some, but they are written with custom UDFs instead of default UDFs (default UDFs are included in fluent PEMFC model package.)

Make long story short, I conclude that Fluent may not allow the usage of both VOF & PEMFC models.

I will keep this thread up-to-date as I coming up to an any result.

colossus July 3, 2023 01:36

Were you able to combine VOF with PEMFC module? I am experiencing thesame challenges

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