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bloodflow August 23, 2019 07:38

TUI 'if' statement depending on Total Wallclock time?
I need to be able to write a data file using TUI after a certain wallclock time has passed. I believe 'if' statements in TUI are possible As discussed here, but I don't know how to get the total-wallclock time in this form from TUI.

I tried /paralell/timer/usage which does print the total time but only at the end:

PHP Code:

Performance Timer for 221 iterations on 100 compute nodes
  Average wall
-clock time per iteration:              0.016 sec
Global reductions per iteration:                       54 ops
Global reductions time per iteration:               0.000 sec (0.0%)
Message count per iteration:                        72754 messages
  Data transfer per iteration
:                       34.023 MB
  LE solves per iteration
:                                4 solves
  LE wall
-clock time per iteration:                   0.009 sec (55.7%)
LE global solves per iteration:                         2 solves
global wall-clock time per iteration:            0.001 sec (8.2%)
LE global matrix maximum size:                       236
  AMG cycles per iteration
:                           5.507 cycles
  Relaxation sweeps per iteration
:                      194 sweeps
  Relaxation exchanges per iteration
:                     0 exchanges
  LE early protections 
(stallper iteration:           0.059 times
  LE early protections 
(divergenceper iteration:      0.000 times
-step updates per iteration:                     0.09 updates
-step wall-clock time per iteration:            0.000 sec (2.1%)

Total wall-clock time:                              3.506 sec 

Or I can generate the cpu time with

PHP Code:

/paralell/timer (solver-cpu-time

But cannot find a similar command for the total time. The only way I can think to do this is to at certain intervals, write the usage summary to a text file. Then in a different linux script, write a file (kill.txt) when the time is a above a certain threshold. Then have an if statement in my TUI which writes the data file when (kill.txt) exists which sounds just awful and dont know if the TUI even supports that.

Can someone suggest a way to write a data file after a certain wall clock time?

AlexanderZ August 25, 2019 22:21

using scheme language you can read/write files and have whole functionality of TUI

best regards

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