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rmn_990 September 13, 2019 21:36

"Number Tracked" of particles in DPM solver
I am doing a simulation with 11000 particles and I faced two problems with that:
HTML Code:

Advancing DPM injections ....
number tracked = 11000, escaped = 0, aborted = 0, trapped = 0, evaporated = 0, incomplete = 0, incomplete_parallel = 0, splashed = 0

I dont know why after 17000 iterations or 10000 time steps, the number of tracked particles decreases.

2- After some particles attach a wall with "trap" boundary condition, Fluent will not show them anymore when I try to see them with "Particle Tracks".

It would be highly appreciated if someone can help me with these two problems.

Thanks in advance.

DnyanMiri September 25, 2019 06:53

Your first question is not clear to me and about second one
When you use 'Trap' DPM boundary condition it means when particle reaches to 'Trap' boundary, trajectory calculations are terminated for that particle so you cannot see its trajectories further

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