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hnorth January 9, 2020 14:11

Export profile files
Is there a way to export the profile files used as boundary conditions from a .cas file? I have the .cas file and when I open it up I can see that there are profile files that were uploaded and attached. I want to be able to see the numbers from those files. (I want to check that the correct boundary conditions/profile files were used for the simulation).

LuckyTran January 9, 2020 18:34

You should be able to file=>export=>profile and write the PROFILE. The .prof file is just a text file that you can open with any txt editor.

Alternatively, you can also write the solution data on that boundary into an ascii file. The format will be a little different.

hnorth January 10, 2020 11:32

Thanks for your help. For anyone else wanting to do this I'll write what worked for me. I was unable to extract the profile file using the first method. When I go to file=>export there is not an option for profile.

I was able to extract data using the second method but the data was not matching up. I must have been looking at something wrong, I am fairly new at CFD.

However your methods got me thinking and I was able to figure it out. In the outline view I clicked on Boundary Conditions=>Profiles...=>Write...=>Write... and I was able to save the profile file. When I opened up the file it was almost in the same format as the original.


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