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stuey05 January 10, 2020 10:49

Modelling Sand Retention Screen - Results Differing from Literature
I am currently working on my dissertation investigating the performance of a mesh screen to retain sand. Currently I am attempting to recreate the results I have found in a research paper, however, despite replicating the input parameters the results are differing. The images below show the difference in results. The academic paper show the accumulation of particles at the screen, whereas all the particles pass through the screen during my simulation.

Academic Paper Result ("Evaluation of sand screen performance using a discrete element model")

My Results
The first image shows the particles before they reach the screen. The second image shows that the majority of particles pass through the screen apart from the layer of particles which rests on the screen itself

Setup Parameters
I am running a fully transient simulation. I have enabled the discrete phase, continuous phase interaction, and the DEM collision model. The following parameters were also used.
Particle Density - 2500 kg/m^3
Particle Youngs Modulus - 1e8 Nm^-2
Particle Diameter = 100e-6 m
Screen slot width = 250e-6 m
Time step = 1e-5s
Liquid velocity = 0 m/s
Sliding friction coefficient = 0.3
Poisson ratio = 0.25

Any help with explaining why the sand is not retained by the screen or tips on setting up the model will be much appreciated
Thank You,

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