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sirsammie72 April 27, 2020 18:24

Maintaining continuity with velocity inlet at flow outlet
I am having difficulties converging the continuity of simulation in which velocity inlet is defined for flow outlet. The same simulation converges when I define flow in the opposite direction (not what I am trying to simulate), which makes me inclined to believe it is a problem with the boundary conditions.

Any recommendations on how to solve this problem would be very helpful. I am new to CFD and fluent.


vinerm April 28, 2020 11:48

Velocity for Outlet
What's the objective of using velocity for the outlet? It is not possible, in reality, to maintain a constant velocity at an outlet; you may use a physical grid, similar to the ones used for turbulence generation to maintain more or less constant velocity at the outlet but it won't still be constant. So, prefer to use a realistic boundary condition, such as, mass flow outlet or pressure outlet.

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