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nezsivasli May 4, 2020 20:21

Pitching moment- Hinge moment
I would like to know how could I calculate the Pitching Moment Coefficient and hinge moment coefficient of an 2D airfoil. ( CM ve CHM)

I used plain flap for leading edge and trailing edge.

Ansys- Fluent

vinerm May 5, 2020 07:03

As far as moments are concerned, all you need to define is the position and direction of the axis and Fluent will return the moment. This is available under Reports > Forces. However, for momentum coefficients, you have to do that yourself since hinge moment coefficients are not defined using standard definitions. So, fetch moment values and then divide by whatever value you wish to use to determine coefficients. If you directly determine coefficient from Fluent, then moment is divided by

\frac{\rho v^2 A L}{2}

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