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gartz89 August 3, 2020 06:29

Influence of buoyancy effect in multi-storey buildings on the performance of the vent
Hello everyone, Iíll introduce my subject of study the influence of buoyancy forces in multi-storey buildings on the performance of the ventilators.

The task is very simple, but there is an interesting solution.
There is one multi-storey building with 8 levels (chimneys-multi-cells), which of them have got for each level working ventilator with equal characteristics - identical fans. My first model was only for buoyancy effect, so again I've got one building with different inlet and outlet temperature - different density of the inlet and outlet air, gravity, and for boundary conditions I used pressure inlet 0 and pressure outlet 0, for every single level there is different velocity fields and pressure field, and the model was done. Therefore there are buoyancy forces for every single level and now I would like to apply for the new simulation to check that the ventilators will be work with different parameters Ė mass flow and pressure dynamic head. So, in my simulation, Iím a little confused about how to add the ventilators in the system of the model. First Iíve got the opportunity to add porous media for a ventilator but is complicated and depends on computational time. Second I could add for inlet boundary condition inlet fan to add the characteristics of the ventilator, but I'm not quite sure how to add the non-dimensional loss coefficient, because I don't know the system. The object of research is to check the performance of every single ventilator and to find the difference between them based of this "natural ventilation effect".
So if somebody was researched this kind of problem or similar I'll be glad to guideline me for new insights into this interesting simulation. Thank you for everyone and regards! :)

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