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lmn March 10, 2021 12:34

How do I open Fluent?
Hello everyone,

I want to use Fluent from ANSYS 2021 R1 version in Windows 10.
It is not on the start menu where there is a list of all subprograms, like Mechanical, CFX, SpaceClaim, Workbench and others.
When I open the Workbench, the component systems under the toolbox list does not show any of these subprograms (it only shows Engineering Data, External Data, External Model, Geometry, GRANTA MI, GRANTA Selector and Injection Molding Data); when I open the customization tab of the toolbox, all subprograms are there (and they are in the file directory as well). But, even selecting them all, none of them show up in the toolbox.

I had ANSYS 2020 in my computer last year, and had none of these issues. I uninstalled it last year.

How can I start Fluent in ANSYS 2021 R1?

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