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Cooper24 June 23, 2021 06:38

Selective Laser Melting in Fluent
Hello everyone!! I am new to modeling 2 phase flows and have started using fluent recently. I am trying to model SLM/L-PBF in Fluent. I have read research publications and know what are the source terms to be added and boundary conditions. It's just that I am facing difficult in starting the problem. Due to the pandemic, I have already lost much time and lagging behind. I request you all to please help in anyway possible.
I have designed two cuboidal domains one above the other. The lower one I am assuming metal and the upper one I am assuming inert gas. I have given an inlet in the the argon domain and an outlet. All other boundaries I have taken to be wall. The issue I am facing is that the contact region of the two domains, Fluent is automatically assigning it to be wall. Any help is much appreciated.

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