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EleGiova August 7, 2021 15:08

Overset rotating domain
Hi everyone!

I am simulating 2 propellers with overset mesh. I have a mesh for each prop and a background box mesh.
When I simulate only one prop, I have good quality of the solution, when I simulate both I have this kind of bad resolution.
Could you please help me? Do you know if I have to set something else? My turbulence model + near wall treatment is compatible with my case (the results I am having with the single propeller confirm that).

Maybe I have to set something else?
Thank you in advance!

munjalpu August 10, 2021 15:10

Please post any evidence for "bad resolution"?. Are you referring to convergence issues due to mesh?.

EleGiova August 10, 2021 15:22

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The convergence is ok and even the thrust and power report files are what I expected, but then when I display contour of velocity field, for example, I have this kind of field (image attached). It is just where I have the other mesh appended.
I have a perfect field when I simulate with the same meshes only one propeller. In this case I have 2 meshes, one for each propeller , which overset each other, and then the background box.

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