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Khadorna September 24, 2021 05:25

Can't get combustion to work
Hi ! :)

I have been trying to simulate combustion with the reduced GRIMECH files provided by fluent. However, when I try to simulate combustion, temperature does not rise. Im using k-eps. and Eddy Disipation to simulate combustion.

It consists of a circular 2D chamber where hydrogen enters into the air-filled chamber, and then should proceed to combust. I tried patching the temperature in the chamber to around 2000K, but it does not start the combustion either, the temperature gets reduced eventually.

When I try the same simulation, but using instead the Hydrogen-Air mixture given by Fluent drop-down list, combustion seems to work properly, but I need Grimech in order to get to better degrees of precission and NOx calculations.

When I loaded the kinetics, thermo and transport files from fluent I got: "Error: %set-material!: material not foundError Object: #f" Is it relevant? Should I take any more care into the kinetic loading? Should I import the thermo.dat file into the Thermodynamic Database File in the species tab? Is there anyway to kickstart the combustion appart from patching?

Thank you in advance for your help

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