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Vince November 30, 1999 12:01

Grid-checking issue in Fluent
When checking my 2D grid under Fluent 5, I get the following message : "Warning ! Non positive face area exists."

My minimum face area equals zero.

The grid seems ok, since no nodes are redundant. I really can't understand why a face area is detcted.

Any idea ? Thanx in advance.


Scott Gilmore December 2, 1999 22:55

Re: Grid-checking issue in Fluent
Fluent France should be able to help you with this. You may need to send the grid file to them.

Jonas Larsson December 3, 1999 10:15

Re: Grid-checking issue in Fluent
You probably have a collapsed cell somewhere in your grid. I suggest that you bring it back to the pre-processor and check the quality of it.

wang haigang December 4, 1999 22:56

Re: Grid-checking issue in Fluent
Hi, I think you should used the Tgrid to check the mesh,it will help you check you mesh. wang haiggang

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