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Kamal December 1, 1999 12:33

RP_Get_Real and the scheme list!

You know that with (RP_Get_Real("flow-time")) we can have the current time, and "flow-time" is a string in a "scheme list"!! what about the rest of the list? do you know other stings? ******************************* Kamal

Scott Gilmore December 2, 1999 22:53

Re: RP_Get_Real and the scheme list!
Issue the following command at the Fluent5 command prompt:

(cx-send '(for-each (lambda (v) (pp v)) rp-variables))

Beware: the list is very long! For each variable, you'll see its name, its current value, its type (real, boolean, etc.), its minimum limit, and its maximum limit. You'll need to use RP_Get_Boolean for the booleans, RP_Get_Integer for the integers, RP_Get_String for the strings. Please don't ask me for documentation for all of the variables!

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