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Suping Song December 4, 1999 18:52

vortex structure in vane passage
Dear Friends,

I am doing vane end-wall calculation using Fluent5.1. I am wondering if there is an effective way to plot the structure of horseshoe vortex and passage vortex using Fluent or other packages. I noticed that the Helicity variable is defined in Fluent, but I have not fingered out how to plot this variable so that vortex "streamlines" can show up. I am grateful to your help.


Suping Song

John C. Chien December 5, 1999 23:15

Re: vortex structure in vane passage
(1). It is not easy to present 3-D results. (2). So, in most cases, the results are presented on 2-D surfaces. (3). And you can also trace the particle trajectories from a know location. But, one the 2-D screen, it is still not easy to see the 3-D lines. (4). Try to read more related papers, to see how others are presenting their results.

Sung-Eun Kim December 6, 1999 12:29

Re: vortex structure in vane passage
You may want to plot iso-contours of these two quantities.

o Normalized helicity : Define a custom field function by deviding the helicity by the product of velocity magnitude and vorticity magnitude. By definition, this quantitiy should be between -1 and 1. Or take an absolute value of this quantity. Try an iso-contour of 0.9 or 0.95 o Kinematic vorticity number : Again define your custom filed function by deviding vorticity magnitude by vslocity magnitude and take a square root of it. Try an iso-contour of this quantity 1.0.

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