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Drona Upadhyay December 8, 1999 09:09

FIDAP for Hydraulic turbines
Dear friends,

have any one of you used FIDAP/Gambit for modelling small scale hydraulic turbines, specially the axial flow propeller turbines? I have access to FIDAP and thinking whether it's suitable for this purpose. I would like to hear from people who have used it or know someone who has used it.


Looking forward to hearing from someone

Eric Grald December 15, 1999 13:27

Re: FIDAP for Hydraulic turbines
Dear Drona,

There have been a number of papers and presentations by FIDAP users in the area of turbomachinery applications, for example:

"Three-Dimensional Flow Analysis of an Hydraulic Francis Turbine" by P DuPont, E Parkinson, L Bellet, R Hirschi, J Huang. FIDAP Users Group Meeting, Paris, France, October 19, 1994.

There are others I can provide you. Without knowing more of the specifics of your problem, I didn't know which to select.

In general, however, I would say that our control volume-based solver, FLUENT, is better-suited for most turbomachinery applications. Please contact me if you need more information.


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