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Gabor Balint December 9, 1999 15:32

Fluid Structure Interaction

Have anyone of you used FIDAP 8.5 for modelling Fluid Structure Interaction?



Austin Powers December 26, 1999 13:35

Re: Fluid Structure Interaction
I have dabbled -- do you require assistance?

Gabor Balint January 5, 2000 14:08

Re: Fluid Structure Interaction
Hi Austin,

I want to simulate first a wibrating beam (as a 2D approximation of a cantilever plate)in a channel.

The beam is perpendicular to the stream and one of its side is attached to to wall the other one is free.

I want to know the vibrating frequency of the beam in the fluide as a response of the inlet pressure variation.


How can I enter the unsteady inlet boudary condition?

Is it possible to study this problem in high frequency domain? When the frequency of the structure is near to the frequency of the fluide. (when phase shift occurs between the two vibrations)

Do you have some experiences with 3D FSI simulation?

Another question is when I add a valve seat just in front of the cantilever. In this case I have a very narrow gap and the simulation become unstable.

thanks for your help


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