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Drona Upadhyay December 15, 1999 06:12

FIDAP modeling of small hydraulic turbines
Dear friends,

have any one of you used FIDAP/Gambit for modelling small scale hydraulic turbines, specially the axial flow propeller turbines? I have access to FIDAP and thinking whether it's suitable for this purpose. I would like to hear from people who have used it or know someone who has used it.


Looking forward to hearing from someone

Austin Powers December 26, 1999 13:28

Re: FIDAP modeling of small hydraulic turbines
It all depends what you want to do with your model... Please be more specific.

Axial flow propellors can be modelled using a rotating frame of reference, representing the geometry literally, or by using the "Moving Boundary Constraint", where the propellor is represented in an approximate manner. Examples of these two options are given in the FIDAP examples manual #39 and the FIDAP Tutorial Manual, section 9.

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