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Peter December 16, 1999 11:12

CFD-simulation of a stirred vessel
I am just at the beginning of simulation of a stirred vessel with the CFD-tool Fluent. Does anybody of you have some experience with rotating meshes; maybe you even simulate a mixer. Would be nice if you answer for exchange of experience.

Yours sincerely Peter

Sung-Eun Kim December 16, 1999 19:20

Re: CFD-simulation of a stirred vessel
There are lots of application examples published by our staff and FLUENT users in this area. Multiple Rotating Reference (MRF) and sliding mesh capabilities are frequently used to solve the mixing applications.

Please talk to your support engineer to get some help with your project and the publications in this area.

M.zhou December 17, 1999 09:32

Re: CFD-simulation of a stirred vessel
hi, I have the experience of using FLUENT to simulate the flow in stirred tank. If you have questions, I'd like to help you.


Spence January 31, 2000 08:25

Re: CFD-Further Query - stirred vessel
I have a similar problem. It involves the simulation of a stirred vessel, where the stirrer is circular in plan view and offset from the center of the circular tank. Just wondering if anybody has a basic starting point or if it's best to call the fluent support engineer?

Thanks for any help, Spence.

Paal Chr. January 31, 2000 10:36

Re: CFD-Further Query - stirred vessel
You can do it the same way as if you had the axis in center. Just make one cylindrical zone around the axis, and put the rest of the tank as an outer zone. Then you can for instant use the MRRF.

Just tell me if you have further questions.


Spence February 1, 2000 06:51

Re: CFD-Further Query - stirred vessel
Thanks for that!

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