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Elias Castro December 22, 1999 13:15

Indexing in Gambit

We're working with Gambit 1.1.0 and that's our problem: When we change the prefix for the labels of geometric entities the counter is not set to 1. That is, if we have 1000 edges created and we change the prefix from 'edge' to 'line' we don't need the next edge to be named 'line.1001'; instead we'd prefer 'line.1', because our jounal file has several IF sentences and depending on the actions you did before the counter can have different values.

Is there any way to reset these counters?

Thanks in advance.

shyam kishor December 28, 1999 18:15

Re: Indexing in Gambit
Gambit does not support reseting of this index counter.

However, you can control the labels of geometric entities by specifying it during creation e.g

face create "myface" wireframe "edge.3" "edge.4" "edge.1" "edge.2" real

similiarly to create an edge named "line.1"

$EID = "line."

edge create ($EID + "1") straight "vertex.1" "vertex.2"

Gambit also allows you to modify the labels of existing entities(automatically numbered)by means of LASTID function. You should contact your local Fluent support engineer for details.

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