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Risto Huhtanen December 29, 1999 09:13

FIXED value in Fluent 4.5.2
How to gain a FIXED temperature value in a CONDUCTIVE SOLID cell in Fluent 4.5.2 in a transient case? Here is a suggestion, but it does not work! Add to urstrm.F:

#include "COEFF.INC" !definitions of coefficients

in source terms of H1 equs in urstrm.F

AP(L) =0.0







SU(L) =0.0

SP(L) =0.0

ATERM = 1.E10*(STEMP-Tref)*Cp

BTERM =-1.E10

This means that all other terms from the enthaply equation for this cell are removed, except the A and B. So the cell value should be defined exactly. What a shame it does not work. Has anyone got suggestions?

Risto Huhtanen February 21, 2000 05:11

Re: FIXED value in Fluent 4.5.2
For our information: I have solved the problem with help of Mike Slack from Fluent UK. The problem was in some other place, not in these coefficients. You can take the procedure above as an advice how to fix a value in a cell in Fluent 4.

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