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jy January 6, 2000 11:35

Gambit 1.2 <- 1.1
Good Afternoon,

I have some questions concerning the updated version of gambit:

has the numbering of the surface/vertices/volume/edges changes between the two version?

Revolve face.1 -> solid.1 Revolve face.4 -> solid.2 gives the same results in both ? Even when connected edges are deleted meanwhile ? Revolve face.7 -> solid.3

Does a journal file works in both version (backward quality compliance) ?


Shyam Kishor January 7, 2000 17:39

Re: Gambit 1.2 <- 1.1
In general most of the commands (and journal file) will work without change in labels. However, due to upgraded geometry kernel(ACIS) and improved booleans some of the commands (booleans/splits) may result in change of labels. Labels may also change if it involves import of geometry from other CAD system through IGES or ACIS formats. Gambit 1.2 can read database file from all lower versions. You should see Gambit 1.2 FAQ (available through online help) and/or contact your local Fluent support engineer for more details.

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